For all of my dolls I offer layaway. If you would like to purchase a doll on Layaway you would need to email me at during the preorder period. Please include your name, the address you would like the doll shipped too so I can calculate shipping, and the email address you would like the incoive sent to. If there are still slots available I will send you an invoice for the doll through Square. Layaway orders will be addressed in order by the time stamp on the email. Also due to the fact that Layaway items and preordered items are banned on paypal I can no longer accept them as a payment and will be using square for layaways.

The payments work where all the payments will be split equally into 3 payments for orders under $600 and 4 payments for orders over $600 and under $700 then 5 payments for orders over $700. The first payment is $225 nonrefundable as a processing fee then the rest will be split equally into either 2, 3, or 4 payments. Once last payment is made, if the doll is finished, it will be mailed out.



If you have any questions regarding an order you can email me at or private message me on my Instagram @faewoodsdolls